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We are an engineering and installation company that has been installing video surveillance and security systems since 2014.

During this time we have installed 3,000 cameras and serviced over 400 sites. All equipment has the appropriate certification. We don’t just install video cameras. We solve your problem, whether it’s reducing business costs or protecting your family or personal property.


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Our services

Low current cabling systems

Weak cabling systems are the totality of the cabling equipment of a building engaged in the smooth and orderly operation, transmission and storage of all types of information.

The building’s low-voltage cabling system may include:

  • Internet network and telephone line.
  • Security as well as fire alarms.
  • Television networks.
  • Video surveillance systems and others.

Quality IT outsourcing (customer service)

IT outsourcing is the provision by a specialist company of a range of services to protect and maintain a high level of information security, storage and transmission in a particular customer’s enterprise.

This is an extended subscription service for corporate clients relating to computer systems. It does not matter what size the company is: computer outsourcing is essential for small, medium-sized and large companies – anyone who needs stable and qualified IT support.

Information security

If you have completed your company’s IT infrastructure, then the next step is to secure it, and for good reason.

We provide services for comprehensive audits of companies’ information security and the implementation of up-to-date methodologies for its development. We are able to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of your company’s automated security systems and processes.
  • provide an objective assessment and recommendations for strengthening it.

Installing video surveillance

The key to the security of any property is high-quality video surveillance. Installing such systems involves installing cameras, a video recorder or video server, monitors, power supplies and other equipment.

Installing a video surveillance system is one of the most rational and comprehensive methods of monitoring a specific object or territory, and ensuring complete and round-the-clock control. Who, where, when – all these questions will be answered if you decide to install a video surveillance system.

Installation of turnkey security systems for flats and houses

Security – provides security systems aimed at protecting the building and its employees from unlawful acts by installing video surveillance, intruder and fire alarms, perimeter security and others.

Security Systems is the comprehensive provision of a particular entity with a range of essential services to protect its business at all stages. Our mission:

  • provide a quality one-off service to the facility or its individual structures.
  • ongoing customer support, monitoring of general safety and equipment, customer advice and troubleshooting.

System administration

A range of work that will ensure your systems run smoothly in our speciality.

  • Installation and maintenance of programmes/services.
  • Repair work on machinery.
  • Monitoring and timely communication of charges, changes and adjustments to external services and subscription services.
  • Office equipment selection and maintenance.
  • Installation of operating systems and accompanying software packages (Windows, Linux, Microsoft Office, etc.)

Installation of fibre optic networks

Fibre optic communication lines stands for ‘fibre optic lines’ and refers to the technology of laying a fibre optic cable designed to carry information in the optical band. It is currently considered the most advanced type of data transmission.

So, installing fibre optic cables involves the following steps:

  • Design of fibre optic communication lines.
  • Laying the fibre optic cable.
  • Testing.

Installation of local networks

A Local Area Network (LAN) in any company is as much a necessity as light or space for an office. Installing a computer network enables quick and easy access to information and improves work between employees and departments.

So, installing a computer network goes like this:

  • Examination of baseline data.
  • Installation of the cable route.
  • System installation.
  • Testing and compiling the necessary documentation.

Penetration testing (pentest)

In today’s environment, every business, organisation or enterprise requires support for its IT subsystems. After all, network access is not only an extension of corporate capabilities, but also a myriad of challenges and dangers.

Any leak or unauthorised intrusion into a company’s databases can leave unintended consequences. This is why businesses make extensive use of penetration testing. The purpose of this test is to determine whether the current security level of IT systems can withstand an intrusion by a potential cybercriminal.

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